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Luxury Candle Equilibre - Shiny

80 96 mm
The My7Ways luxury scented candles are cast in stylish colored glass and are available in both transparent and frosted glass. The candles diffuse a subtle scent when burnt. Each color candle has a unique scent that corresponds to its theme.

Equilibre: Spring, flowers, fruits and leaves, blackcurrant, cedar and amber.
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  • Made in Portugal
  • Burn time: 40 hours +/-
  • Stylish and colored glass
  • Gift packaging in the corresponding theme
  • 7 different scents
  • 100% bee wax

Weight and counterweight, thus the clock is ticking within Mother Earth. Her rhythmic swing provides the change of seasons, to bring new life after "Les Feuilles Mortes" and warmth after the winter. A sense of natural balance dominates your personality. You listen to your biological clock and you are careful with the balance between perception and feeling, between psyche and physical. You are colorful with a slight preference for green: the color of Equilibre.