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Luxury Candle Harmonie - Sensis

80 96 mm
The My7Ways luxury scented candles are cast in stylish colored glass and are available in both transparent and frosted glass. The candles diffuse a subtle scent when burnt. Each color candle has a unique scent that corresponds to its theme.

Harmonie: Lemon, sage, honey, cinnamon and patchouli.
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  • Made in Portugal
  • Burn time: 60 hours +/-
  • Stylish and colored glass
  • Gift packaging in the corresponding theme
  • 9 different scents
  • 100% bee wax

You live your life the way you want. Surrounded by many people without losing yourself. You are an individual in the crowd. You know that a multitude of different sounds can form a harmony. A symphony, a ballad, or blues. Differing opinions may sound like a cacophony but if you listen closely, it can be a worthwile discussion. Your sharp eyes and ears are always looking for Harmony.