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Wallet Stitched Varnish Sérénité (KLOON)

The Wallet of My7Ways is a very handy and colorful. It has 7 pockets on the inside. Each pocket has it’s own unique color of the rainbow and offers storage to papermoney, cards and notes. In the middle there is a pocket which can be closed with a zipper. In this pocket you can put your coins and even your smartphone.

This unique peace of handcraftmanship shows the love for the profession of the Portugese team. And the hours of manual labour that are put in the production of the My7Ways collections.

The Wallet is not only available in the 7 colours of the rainbow, but is also available with cowskin print leather. This makes an ideal combination with the Angela Bag.

⇒ New in our Collection: Wallet Varnish – shiny leather
⇒ For women who need an even more spacious type of wallet, My7Ways offers the Wallet Bag!
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Peace, tranquility, quiet and a certain calm. These are the threads that determine the fabric of serenity. Serene people have an even disposition and a sharp mind. They are loyal and everyone cherishes that. As clean and pure as the heavens, as calm as a reassuring glance. Clear and honest. As proud as a peacock. Choose your words and actions carefully, choose blue, choose Sérénité.

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